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Document Collaboration

Allows you to Securely Share Documents with Internal and External Users


Our document collaboration solution lets you manage projects, setup data rooms, and collaborate securely online. Clients are able to login and see how their project is going, discuss contracts securely with your legal panel, allow auditors access to your data, setup a data room and allow bidders to anonymously view your data. Setup multiple sharing sites – some for external users, some for internal users, and some for both!

Secure Systems and Processes

This is a proven system that has helped facilitate hundreds of secure file shares. We’re ISO27001 accredited, and have 10 years experience managing secure systems.

The highest levels of security are applied to all our servers, including regular 3rd party audits, IDS (Intrusion detection), regular Nessus scans, software patching, staff screening, strict server access restrictions and 128-bit SSL encryption for all data transfers.

Each client even gets their own server and their own firewall. All data is stored on servers hosted in UK ISO 27001 audited data centres with strong network security and intrusion detection systems.

Share Files with Maximum Security

Upload files to your virtual data room, and then decide who can access them, and whether they can download them, or just see them on screen.

Document Security

Choose our SecureView encrypted view to only allow onscreen viewing. Or convert any files automatically to watermarked PDF’s, complete with the users name, date and IP address. Seeing their name at the top encourages people to take ownership of documents and their security. Customise the watermarks differently to reflect different document types.

Audit Everything and Provide Reports

Every action is recorded in a tamper proof log file, from leaving a comment, to downloading a document or running a search. Reports provide detailed views on what’s been happening.

Training and Support

We can provide you with training to manage the data room yourself or we can provide complete management of the data room.  All you need to do is upload your documents.

Document Security

Only allow on-screen viewing, convert any files automatically to watermarked PDF’s, complete with the users name, date and IP address.

Rich Reporting

Shows you who is looking at which files, and how long they are spending on your site. Look at usage by individuals or grouped by company.

Document Collaboration

Version control keeps everyone on the same page. And document level comments capture discussion forever.


Set up anonymous sites – users have no idea that other users or sites exist.