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Data Centres

Site Surveys, Footprint Design and Rack and Stack

Data Centres

We have designed and deployed infrastructure at Data Centres around the world, working with leading providers such as Equinix, InterXion, Telecity and Telia.

Footprint Design

Tell us what you are installing and what specific requirements you may have and we will turn it into a physical design.

The footprint design will show you and the Data Centre provider exactly what space, power, rack and cable trays are required.

Rack Diagrams

We will produce rack diagrams for the engineers to deploy equipment.

Network Design

Provide us with your logical design and we will convert it into a physical design. We will ensure that power is balanced on redundant circuits and diverse cabling is installed.

Bill of Materials

We will provide you with a complete Bill of Material of all the sundry requirements, right down to nuts and bolts.

Deployment Reporting

We provide detailed daily update reporting to your project managers so they are kept fully up to date.

Rack and Stack

We can assist your engineers or build out your space for you.  We will rack and stack, cable, label, light test and basic configure everything for you.

Supporting documentation will also be provided.

Remote Hands

After the build is complete we can continue to support you with faults and moves and changes.

Footprint Design

Scaled Visio footprints with supporting documentation showing everything that’s needed.

Rack and Stack

We can build out your space for you, then hand over to your team for configuration.

Site Survey

Not sure what Data Centre to use, tell us what your requirements are and we will help you decide.

Turnkey Solutions

Provide us with your requirements and we will turn this into a full design, then install it for you.