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Structured Cabling

Structured Cabling from Small to Medium Businesses to Data Centres

Small Business Solutions (up to 50 employees)

Small businesses typically try to minimise spend on IT infrastructure by opting for the least cost option when considering which cabling solution to install. This means that their selection of installers is rarely based on the quality of advice or components on offer.

We will assess your needs and a quality solution will be delivered that will satisfy your requirements for years to come. Not only that, it will be delivered with competitive pricing, ensuring a low cost of ownership over the lifetime of the solution.

Medium Business Solutions (up to 250 employees)

We know that in order to meet our customers needs, we must be able to adapt quickly to their demands or market changes.

Your reliance on IT is fundamental to this flexibility, and we understand that the availability of your data network and communications is paramount to your success.

Our solutions will provide the flexibility you require while incorporating a robust design to ensure your time is not wasted on trying to identify faults.

Data Centres

A ‘Data Centre’ can consist of a single rack through to an entire footprint. We will ensure that your Data Centres, computer rooms or racks are ‘fit for purpose’.

Our objective is to optimise the compatibility between your infrastructure and the equipment housed, be it existing or planned.

Our processes will maximise business confidence in the operation of your Data Centres and minimise the risks to availability.

We can also design your entire Data Centre foot print.  See here for more details.

One Stop Solution

We supply all the cables and components your cabling infrastructure requires as well as the installation and configuration of premium brand state of the art hardware components.


We develop a personalised strategy for your business but assessing your current infrastructure and your plans for IT and communications.


Designed to incorporate all your business needs. It will also be standards compliant.


Delivered on time and on budget.

Moves and Changes

We continue to support you after installation with Moves and Changes.